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    Angel of Darkness

    The Owl Man flew with speed, despite the trees, then the buildings, winding through the city streets. Cutting across an airport, the spirits of planes flew overhead, occasionally sweeping down like birds of prey to snatch up the spirits of the small golf carts that scurried from hanger to hanger, trying to avoid being devoured.

    It seemed all of the Hisil echoed the current unrest.

    At the south end of the airport the Owl finally lands, assuming the form of man once more. Just as before he seems not at all phased that his body is unclothed, his tattoos readily apparent and covering a large part of his body. His eyes hold the wisdom of one who has watched civilizations rise and fall, a stark contrast to the man's appearance of being in his late 20's. When he speaks, the truth is palpable in his words, like he has no need for lies.

    He points south. "That way is a locus, be warned it has been claimed. You'll likely have to take it by force. This place is hidden from the sight of others. Your trail disappeared crossing the airport, you'll be safe here for a short time. Know this though, your presence here is temporary. Just as I allowed the current tenant to stumble in unknowingly to help keep it safe, I allows you here as well. The day will quickly come that you will be evicted. Leave my den in better shape than you found it and you will be asked to leave politely. Disrespect my home..." The unspoken threat hangs in the air as the man takes wing. This time not as a typical owl, but a much larger version of one. The creature stands just over a meter tall, it's beak and talons look to more than capable of tearing through metal and flesh alike. Without another the word the creature is gone, disappearing into the forest that awaits the wolves to the south.

    This is a continuation thread. ALL Wounds, WP, Essence, etc, carries over from A Return to Arms

    20 minutes has passed during the travel. 1 lethal can be naturally healed.

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    Jeremiah Daniels's Avatar

    Jeremiah Daniels
    Jeremiah Daniels


    Jeremiah sits when the owl-man not man becomes a man again. He listens intently through the pain and watches the owl-man not man fly off in silence. Questions are beyond his mind at the moment and he would rather not yelp in pain accidentally while addressing the owl-man not man.

    His large wolf head moves to look at Firebringer. Jeremiah blinks as he pulls his thoughts together.

    So I Lost It, then got hit by a Truck of some variety....Apparently...

    A low rumble of pained annoyance escapes his jaws before the Ghost Wolf can form thoughts into words.

    <<Organize. Wait. Strike?>> Is the best that Jeremiah can get out through the pain and his teeth.

    how much time has passed?

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    Firebringer's Avatar



    Firebringer's eyes bore disconcertingly into the man, even as he shows off the more vicious variant of the owl form. The bird still looked like prey, no matter how wicked its talons.

    Tearing his eyes away, he surveys those present critically. A sorry strike force. Flame of Man had two whole packs of Scars, and they barely did the job. Still, if this was what he had to work with ... the Pure's brutality would not go unpunished forever. <<Many of you came here fresh, not knowing the desparate state of this city or the immediacy of the danger. This isn't your fight, not yet. If any wish to leave now, to seek out a more stable situation elsewhere, few will blame you for it.>>

    The Cahalith's voice picks up a steely edge. <<But the moment of choice must be now. Choose to stay, and you're committing to this city and this fight, to the very end. And if after today, anyone turns tail and abandons the fight to reclaim what is ours ...>> a sudden, vicious flash of very sharp teeth <<I'll hunt him down myself.>>

    Piercing eyes capture the gaze of every wolf in turn. <<Which choice will it be?>>

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    Kevin Swift's Avatar

    Kevin Swift


    Kevin moves to stand near Jeremiah, he listens as Firebringer speaks with those new faces and a very few familiar ones. He already made his decision when he began his journey back into the city and he will stand by it. Steel Gaze and Jeremiah were his brothers, he had been forced through his unthinking course of action to break from them before and he refuses to let anything but death separate him from the two again.

    <<I already made my choice.>> Kevin growls. <<I am staying.>> He stands firm and his raised, stomping his left fore-paw upon the ground.

    He glances around to those who knew of his banishment, wondering what they have to say about that.

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    DrDog's Avatar

    Werewolf Lawyer


    Jim chased after the group, not the slowest, but definetly not the fastest. He pants, his tongue lolling to the side as he looks about the airfield. For a moment he looks at the planes and wonders about them, their practices and leadership, whom do they swear allegiance, before the alphas start talking, and Jim listens.

    Jim meets the beloved of Luna's eyes, the uratha called firebringer. He answers with a serious and steady answer: <<My name is Jim Stone, Elodoth of the Menina. By this name and choices, of both our patron goddess and my own; I will stay.>>
    The Dog Draped in Resplendent Finery of Shrieking Spirits.

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    Aeneas's Avatar



    A great wolf, panting from the run, trots to a stop and scents the air. <<I with you>> the First Tongue is stunted and broken in the growl. <<Aeneas. Meninna. Irraka.>>

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    Matamune's Avatar

    Alfred Coldwell

    Pre 2 (Timid), SL 2 (Honest)
    Mastigos, Apostate

    Daniel walks over to Matthew and looks for a few seconds in his eyes, then - at his brands.

    <<"I will stay and follow. Daniel, Rahu of the Iminir.">> - his name didn't exactly sound right in the First tongue, but all the shifting back and worth between forms was idiotic. It was the message the counted.

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    Anubite25's Avatar

    Steel lopes up next to Kevin and Jer. He remains in Urshul form, and seems to be having trouble looking at the Formerly Sworn's Alpha. Flashes of blood and teeth still run through his mind, even as Firebringer speaks and the others declare their intents.

    He shakes his shaggy head, trying to ignore the pain of his own injuries. They were going to need fighters up ahead from the sound of things. Steel draws in a slow breath and tries to focus. There'll be time to apologize for his massive fuck-up later. He needed to be in the here and now, right now.

    <<Those who don't know, I'm Steel Gaze. Rahu of the Farsil Luha>> he states, raising his head and refusing to bow to the pain of his injuries. <<This city is my home. Like Hell I'm gonna run away now.>>

    There's a fire in his chest, and it's more than the burning of his wounds. If this was where they had to restart, then so be it. It was going to happen, and then they'd take the fight back to the self-proclaimed Pure when all was said and done.

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    Key's Avatar

    Samantha takes the run in stride, her own feet and fur flying in the run. In the quiet moment after the Fa-Ninna had left her eyes trained on the one she had obviously correctly identified as Alpha.

    «Our choices are made.»

    She looked back at the Wolven form of Elaine.

    «At least mine is. I am Sammantha Howe, Iminir Edoloth, and I will stand with you in this fight.»

    Samantha stated with an air of a judge and a final decision.

    «Now about this Locus that we need to take by force to become temporary residence.»

    And on to the next topic.
    "My father says that almost the whole world is asleep.
    Everybody you know, everybody you see, everybody you talk to.
    He says that only a few people are awake,
    and they live in a state of constant, total amazement."

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    Princess's Avatar

    A bit slow to start with the rest of the group, Elaine had made sure there were no stragglers as she kept up the rear, despite some temptation to bound ahead. Some of the others had been smacked around, so she took it upon herself to keep rearguard in the event anyone could not outpace their pursuers. She could tell that she could have just run past a few, but pointedly did not wish to do so. Apparently their pursuers were not enthused to be fighting with them, because she couldn't see any of the Pure she distinctly suspected were behind the howling. I suppose that makes the next step easier.

    When Sam speaks, a brief glimmer of hurt crosses Elaine's face. It was an odd moment of distance, for Sam to speak for her but then back off like that. You don't know? How do you not know that I'm going to say,

    <<Elaine Ganz. Iminir Rahu. I'm with you. I will do everything I can.>>

    She raises her head as she speaks, and looks around expectantly for whoever would suggest an answer to Sam's implicit question.

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