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    Valley Hi Country Club certainly sounded like some high school cheerleader prissy sort of facility. Yet in fact it was about the only pristine place in South Sacramento. Maybe why it was on Roxie’s radar frequently. But when we say pristine its more like the least shitty place on the South Side. By comparison, to the other golf courses in Sac, it was maybe 9 out of 10. It sure looked like paradise at first glance though, well maybe in the daytime.

    In the evening, part of the course was used for frolfing (for those of you who don’t know this is Frisbee Golf). The other part was for moonlight games which were mostly just for fun, or for those crazy golf nuts who just couldn’t get enough! It may have been off season, but early in the evenings, there were a few people who were insane enough to go out in this ‘winter weather’….well winter, California style.

    But as Roxie had stated earlier, some people were getting sloppy. What that entailed exactly was pretty vague...

    You may join if you are not involved in another plot currently. Max of 3-4. Note that as some new players come, they may join this or another plot thread
    Also, there will be another plot thread going up shortly if you'd like to choose.

    Please list any equipment you are bringing with you in OOC spoilers and update your Minisheets with vitae counts, etc. for the plot.

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       feeding failure
    Date Action Roll Result
    2013-02-03 09:40:18 Jackson Rail rolls 4 to feed! (Str + Subterfuge) (10 Again) 7, 1, 5, 6 failure

    Five Vitae

    Jackson has nothing but contempt for places like these. The rich and privileged gather here to waste their time and money on... frisbee golf when there were people starving, the city was falling apart, and poor-ass artists about that needed to pay their rent. He was only here at all because of Vorigan's big mouth, and for the company of the lovely Julia Hastings who was to accompany him on this investigative mission. He even went so far as to dress 'nicely' for the occasion, wearing a white button-up shirt and a pair of black slacks that have been pressed.

    "So here we are, " said the Nosferatu to his Daeva companion. "I guess we should start by asking around inside?"

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    Jag's Avatar

      failure at feeding
    Date Action Roll Result
    2013-02-03 10:40:08 Julia Hastings rolls 7 to Seductive Feeding (capped at Humanity) (10 Again) 6, 3, 3, 6, 7, 7, 7 failure

    Julia couldn't help but be a little excited to be at the country club, because in all honesty, it was the closest thing to the glamorous lifestyle she had been leading in LA before she had to split. This should be fun, the neonate thought to herself, a smile finding its way to her lips. However, she was still a bit frustrated that hunting that evening had been a bust so far. While not on the verge of losing her shit yet, the Succubus knew that eventually she would have to satiate her hunger.

    Wearing a stylish, black evening dress and a pair of sexy heels, she walked along Jackson as they came up to the entrance of Valley Hi Country Club. Pulling her purse a little closer to her, Julia turned to the Haunt as he spoke. "Yeah, that's probably our best bet," she said in response to him, offering him a quick smile. "But let's try to be a little subtle, k?" After all, the last thing they needed was to get people thinking that they were there to investigate something.

    As she said those words, the young Daeva pushed some of her own vitae through her undead veins. In doing so, her fair skin gained a bit of a blush, making the beautiful neonate look a little more alive.

    Julia's Outfit

    -1 Vitae for Blush of Life


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    "Subtle? I can do subtle..." thought the Nosferatu. But seeing how she immediately blushed after saying it, Jackson realized that they were were talking two very different types of subtlety. Jackson flashed the Daeva a quick smile and replied, "Of course, " following her lead and willing vitae to flow through his undead veins. As usual, his beast was masked from the primal senses of other vampires. Of course, Julia would demand all of the attention herself, but that worked in both of their favors. If things did have to get messy, they wouldn't see Jackson coming.

    After taking those precautions, Jackson held out his arm for Julia to grab hold. "Shall we?"

    -1 Blood for Blush of Life

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    Inside the glass double doors of the front entrance, a very small lobby of sorts laid out. Which looked a bit more like a glorified foyer. Upstairs was a restaurant and a bar along with the pro-shop which was closed at the moment. Even in the off season, the country club’s bar had it’s usual crowd. Several older gentlemen were up at the bar while a few women were sitting at one table playing cards or something. The women, needless to say, seemed to be bored. Either because of the environment, their husbands or that they didn’t like each other at all.

    The men, were carrying on about golf and football. Bitching and moaning about one thing or another. There was a mixed crowd of generations there. Some guys just learning the ropes from the ‘experts’ telling their fish tales gathered around the bar.

    There were three spunky looking college guys who had just wandered in before Jackson and Julia, they were carrying Frisbee’s. “What do you mean you don’t have pitchers of beer?” The 20ish year old guy said at the bar. “Okay fine. Three glasses of bud light or whatever.”

    Roughly, there were a little over 20 people in the bar. Including a bartender and waitress, who was pretty damn good looking. Who of course, flirted with the gentleman young and old. Maybe that’s why the women were bitter? There were no mirrors in the bar area, just a lot of windows that looked over the greens. There was also a basement. Well, lower level, the club house was half in a hill.

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    The Succubus smiled at the Haunt as he followed her lead, taking his arm as it was offered. "Yes, let's," said Julia as they headed inside the club house. As they walked inside, she couldn't help but notice the trio that had entered right before them. Hmmm, that would be as easy as taking candy from a baby, the Daeva thought to herself. However, she reminded herself that they were not here to feed. Much to the contrary, they were there to investigate the situation, since Roxie had said someone had been rather sloppy while feeding there. Still, if the opportunity to get some more sustenance presented itself at some point that evening, Julia would not turn it down.

    "Let's see," she said, her pretty eyes scanning the crowd. "May be a good idea to start by the bar." With those words, she nodded in the direction from where the college bros had just come from. After all, bartenders tended to have some good information.

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    "Sure, " Jackson responded sweetly. "What do you need me to do?" He wondered if the Daeva had any idea that he was all but socially inept. Besides, she was pretty and persuasive. It would be far more appropriate for Jackson to play tag-along while Julia did the talking. He was there for moral support. And the company, of course.

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    roll onward

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    "Just play along," said the Daeva, returning Jackson's smile. With that, she led him towards the bar and picked up a couple of seats towards one end of it. "Nice place, isn't it?" said Julia as she took a seat, making some small talk with the Haunt as she pretended to be just another patron in the establishment.

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    Jackson took a seat beside Julia, and took a brief look around the place. "I guess it is, " Jackson replied casually. "I haven't really been anywhere like this before." The Nosferatu didn't particularly feel up to playing the part of an overly macho (or not, consdiering frisbee-golf) frat-boy, but he could play the awkward first date. That he could do easily.

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