Avoiding the Hunters with the utmost caution and paranoia proved surprisingly up Anabella's alley as she prepared the letter to Vorrigan to explain what was what. It is presented in cut up magazine letters like a collage, or ransom note, but with a certain flair for attempted consistency:

As you may be aware, certain incidences have transpired of a disastrous nature. I painted a target on myself to root out the presence of undesirables who were already investigating your property with ill intentions. I have stashed away what paperwork I found in one of their apparent operations at the following address. The most alarming of these findings (though, given the assault on my person, not surprising) is located at a separate location. You may wish to bring someone good with vault locks in order to acquire this in a time sensitive manner. Look in the basement.

It is my belief that I can be of no further use in this issue, due to the extreme likelihood that they would recognize me immediately, I believe it is best for all of us involved if I do not appear in person in your neighborhood again. This is why I've sent this message by proxy. Please be kind to Andrea. He has little to no idea what is going on with all of this.

The note was passed of to one of her more agreeable new 'friends' she'd made sense arrival. And Andrea's English was terrible, so hopefully he wouldn't reveal any additional information.

Quite thoroughly sick of this nonsense, there was a sense of release as the folded note slid into the fingers of her messenger boy. I hope no tempers are lost for him. Pibe pobre.*

And this was her final deed in the South of Sacramento, for just because the Hunters hadn't seemed to get her right after their first meeting, didn't mean their investigation skills stopped there. She would make for San Francisco to rearrange her entry into the proper High Society of Sacramento she'd heard about - She could dream about art and love and wine again, and have enough of the petty crime and random violence of the Vampire Ghetto she'd found herself in. Sometimes there was only hope.

* "poor kid" - Buenos Aires dialect