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French lessons (ATTN: Argent)

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    Aimée let Argent lead her to one of the private rooms, grudgingly playing the good little pet all the time. Once more or less isolated from the public eye, She waited for Argent to take a seat, while standing in front of him.

    "Argent, chéri, I think we need to talk.."

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    Except Argent didn't sit. Instead, he threaded the chain through one of the rings hanging from the ceiling and locked it closed. He was inspecting some of the toys adorning a rack on the wall when Aimee spoke.

    He looked at her with a frown that wsa almost a pout. "That's not what you're supposed to call me," he said petulantly.

    Argent was less concerned about protocol than he was afraid she was going to say something stupid, suggesting they make their arrangement permanent, perhaps, or that she move in.

    What else could she possibly have to say?

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    "Argent, please.. would you remove the chain?" It's all she said, as if she hadn't heard what he said, as if she hadn't seen his frown. Aimée sounded wholly calm, as if the chains merely were a small discomfort. A discomfort such a beautiful lady shouldn't have to endure..

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    "Hmmmmmm? Of course, love, did you want to play something else?" Argent asked. He came to stand behind Aimé, and removed the chain from her neck. His fingers moved lightly and gently, pausing every now and then to affectionately stroke her back, and light kisses tickled at her neck.

    No bueno

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    Aimée grin widened - she felt Samael's gift work its magic to make Argent hers and now the possibilities were endless. She considered enforcing a Viniculum on him and her eyes actually sparkled with glee as she roughly shoved him back to sit, but she dismissed the idea - for now.

    First, she was going to have some fun and gain some information in the process. She sat beside Argent, brushing off every attempt of her little pet to touch her. She leaned closer, enjoying the tease, and wispered into his ear. "Say, what dark secrets could a fils de pute like you possibly have?"


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    Argent frowns at Aimee's brush-offs, but continues to try. Is he persistent? Or just slow?

    He wasn't sure where all this was going either -- did Pet want to get to know him, before asking for some sort of commitment? He didn't mind, she was so wonderful. Delectable. All his. What a trophy.

    "Ah, Pet, why so interested? I can hide nothing from you, though, mah petite flowwair. I grew up in an orphanage, which I fear makes me a bit petty and possessive," Argent began, looking sad and oddly serious.

    "I got in fights a lot, and often stole food from teh other children. The small ones, we extorted mercilessly, and other times it was simple pranks. Mike Rich, I feel so badly. He would beg for food and once we stuffed chocolate donuts with Ex-Lax before giving them to him."

    Argent looked at Aimee with actual remorse.

    "My god, cherie, the poor child. The smells... the sounds..."

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    A sharp, cruel laugh cut off Argent's whiny monologue. There was no sympathy, no warmth in her voice and she hoped every tone hurt like a knive. She leaned closer again, her breath tickling his ear. "That's right, you're a moster, always were. But monsters don't just steal from hungry kids, Argent. What could you get into serious trouble in this unlive, huh?"

    No, I meant something useful

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    Argent looked confused, and slightly hurt at Aimee's response. This isn't what he had expected. Perhaps she needed to work on her people skills.

    "Apparently I choose disobedient pets," he said, trying to regain control of the situation, roughly sliding his hand under her dress hem, and up her leg. Time to get things back on track.

    "I may have missed a few Carthian meetings," he added, subconsciously answering the power of her Revelation. "But I've been thinking of joining the Invictus, to be with you..." he continued, sliding his hand between her legs.

    Doesn't that feel nice?

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    Mon Dieu he is even less useful than I've imagined -WHAT THE- Aimée had to force herself not to kill him for even considering touching her again. She knew she could, with him under her charm, but she also knew that her punishment wouldn't be exactly swift or merciful; only the thought of being killed because that moron couldn't keep his hands in his lap stopped her. The fact that it didn't feel all that bad made her even more mad; this wasn't supposed to be this way.

    She wasn't even botherin with words now: she pumped Vitae through her veins and grabbed his hand, forcefully taking it off her body. She brought her other hand to her mouth and bit her thumb - killing him was an outright law-breach, but a Viniculum wasn't exactly forbidden and by now she didn't really care anymore about the (probably rather harmless) consequences. She let the blood flow out of her thumb, forming a big, crimson drop and brought it closer to Argents mouth. He knew what she wanted.


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    Argent's eye's narrow at the proffered Blood, and his guileless face lights in an epiphany.

    Suddenly, a knife is at Aimee's throat. "What are you doing, bitch?"

    Gone is the foppish French accent.

    Pushed too hard, too fast

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