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    Daysha Jackson

    Daysha wasn’t sure what this guy’s deal was already. Then again, that was generally her initial thoughts about everyone these days.

    “Sure, is now as good a time as any?” There was rustling of paper and the click of a pen.

    “What’s the address to the shop please?” The detective couldn’t remember if she’d seen or heard of the shop before.

      1suxx memory jog
    Date Action Roll Result
    2013-02-24 08:51:42 Daysha - curiousity? rolls 6 to Remembering (10 Again) 1, 8, 5, 7, 3, 1 1 success

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    "Right, yes. Very well," he agreed after a very brief moments thought. He provided an address that was a few short minutes away from the university campus and, as Daysha thought back she can remember the shop being mentioned in the SacBee a few months ago. It was the place a break and entering and theft occurred at, and the place is owned by a man called Alfred Augustus Franklin.

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    Daysha Jackson

    "Thank you Mr. Grimm. I'll be over soon." If there were no other words from Alastor, she'd disconnect the call.

    Daysha was a little puzzled why Grim's number and place of employment or whatnot lead to the same place that was in the paper.

    Geezus, sometimes murder cases are more simple.

    Should we start a new scene?

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    Yes we should!

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