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Meeting of the Guild of Combat Arts

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    Conner Greyson

    "Thank you Madam Libertiste Brown, your assistance in that matter is appreciated." Conner gives her a calm nod of his head.

    Conner stands, "If there is nothing futher, thank you all for coming this evening. I look forward to the evolution of this guild and how it will support the First Estate going forward."

    Conner gives a bow to his Majesty, "Thank you for joining us this evening Your Grace." Conner gives him a low, respectful bow.

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    Ariana Donovan

    She nodded to Conner as he thanked them all for attending. Ariana smiled to those at the table before they all departed. There were some things on her mind as she thought back through the meeting, although the expression on her face did not change.

    There was something that would stick with her for a while.

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    Its been almost three days, I think its safe for me to close this thread, Thanks to everyone who participated It was a good time.

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