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    Limited Access Weekend


    So, I'm gonna be gone pretty much all of this weekend, hanging out with old friends as the university club runs its Spring semester DDR tournament (though it's not actually DDR, it's the most recognized name of these dancing-on-a-pad games even though the best of the 4-arrow ones, In the Groove (ITG), was actually a clone that got shut down by Konami years ago).

    While the hotel I've booked says it has free internet and the place the tournament is being held will likely have Wi-Fi in some fashion, I'm pretty sure my actual availability this weekend will be slim to none until Sunday night when I return home. I'll try to at least get one post in for my plots either today or tomorrow so I don't leave you hanging for too long.

    Have a nice weekend!

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    Re: Limited Access Weekend

    Hey fun! Best of luck on your dance moves, keep it loose and limber. XD

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    Re: Limited Access Weekend

    All the best, enjoy and have a relaxing weekend.

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    Re: Limited Access Weekend

    Have fun!
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    Re: Limited Access Weekend

    Fun, I didn't know people still did DDR
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    Re: Limited Access Weekend

    It sounds great! Have a good time!
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