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    The email message has an audio file that is encrypted, it has an anti-bot verification that says “Enter the letters and numbers you see below.” A Sleeper sees a code that will open a file of the latest internet memes. A mage can see the glyphs embedded in the alphanumeric code and gets something very different.


    Hey, hey Sac-town Potters! How yall doin, pardners? It’s time for another Transmission from the Rogue! For any new listeners, don’t bother trying to track the signal. The signal wants to be free and you can’t catch it.

    It’s a like a bit of the Wild West out here, isn’t it? What with Banishers popping up out of the woodwork and Ley Lines getting poisoned and all. Heard the old Hierarch was offed. Can the new one handle being mayor in a lawless town? We’ll see.

    What’s with all the new faces? Suddenly Sacramento is hopping with new mages. If you guys didn’t know, Sacramento is a little chaotic right now, so hold on to your pointy hats and keep your wand hands free. Head on over to Written in Water if you want to meet your fellow spell slingers and my compliments on whoever did the decor!

    Looks like the Silver Ladder sent some newbies to Sac-town and they’re getting all organized. Isn’t it cute? Anyone who wants to work for the management should get in touch with that Qadesh guy, he seems to be running around a lot. I heard he’s part of a new cabal, too, along with Pulp Noir, Lux, Augustin, and Ahriman. Rumors are they’re going to announce themselves and their name at the next Consilium meeting.

    Not much noise from the Guardians, but maybe that’s their style. Get in touch with the enigmatic Henry Pym if you want in on the secret. Anubis, one of the new faces, seems to have met with him. What kind of shadowy assignment did he set him on? The Rogue will get back to you when his sources report more.

    There’s some trouble at the Museum, something about a safe and the Hierarch getting a building dropped on him. And then there’s the matter of those Sleepers with magical weapons. What’s going on? The Arrow’s all riled up about it right now, especially that Tech guy, so watch out if you’re hanging around the Museum or the Circle and keep your hands where they can see’em. If that’s the way you like to play and you wanna enlist, though, West is your man.

    The Mysterium hasn’t really poked its nose out of the books to do anything, though two of the new bookworms showed up just in time to run afoul of the Arrows outside of the Museum. Can our lovely Curator, Dr Primoria, set them right? That’s Dr Tyria Primoria, to be exact, the Curator and your lady if you want to join the Mystagogues.

    The Free Council runs a Hostel that is open to any mage friendly to the Consilium. A safe place for all you newbies if you don’t have someplace to stay. Ask Rosh or Pulp Noir about it. Fight the Lie!

    And if you haven’t done it yet, remember to find yourself a Halloween costume. The Rogue will be going as Viagra spam this year, so watch your inboxes.

    XOXO, Gossip ...wait, wrong show ...

    That’s it for this Transmission, folks! Rogue signing out!


    Changes in Status:
    Lux gains Status 2 (Silver Ladder)
    Qadesh gains Status 2 (Silver Ladder)

    New Arrivals:
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    This is your friendly neighborhood venue summary.
    Every so often the pulse of the Consilium of Sacrament hits the Æthernet. Those with their fingers on the city's heartlines and an ear to the right crowd, distribute information for all to read.

    While the summary is not a plot in and of itself, it may contain plot hooks.

    The SoundingJanuary 7th, 2013 at 9:03 AM
     Bodies have been piling up. In addition to Rosh, Qadesh and Jack O. Falley have been added to the count. Aside from the obvious same MO...there’s reason to believe they’ve all been killed by the same person. There’s also thoughts that who ever was doing it, was doing it for fun.
     The Black Outs that have been sweeping the city, some were obvious normal faulty wiring and charge on behalf of the SMUD, REC and PGE, but there was one particular outage that wasn’t electrical in nature. It targeted everything that gave off light, EVERYTHING -- Like even cell phones, flashlights, and headlights in cars. Those weren’t connected to the Grid, people.
     If we have anther mage on a killing spree with a handle on Forces, why is s/he cutting the lights to kill sleepers?
     The haunted aura around an old run down School on the outskirts of town have been steadily growing over the past few months. As have the disappearances of children around the area. Many people have moved away from the school to keep their children safe, and to escape the screams that are occasionally heard echoing down the streets at midnight. There has also been sightings of a White Tiger in the area.
     There is the suspicion of an Abduction a block or so away from the local Javalounge Coffee Shop. According to clues presented there was probably magic involved in the snatch and grab, who or what exactly has yet to be discovered.
     A New Drug has recently entered the underground market. It seems to spike brainwaves higher than any of the other recreational drugs, however once the body cleans it out, it’s like it never existed. No traces at all on the biological side of the aftermath. Some club owners are starting to get tweaked about the use of the drug inside their establishments.
     Written in Water has officially been declared unsafe due to the presence of what we can assume are Banishers. This has not been confirmed.
     Keep an eye to your News, you never know when you'll find something worth while.
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    The SoundingFebruary 21st, 2013 at 6:30 AM
     A fourth Body has shown up, this time as a gift for the Councilors, and in plain daylight too. The slash marks are the same, but no one has ID'd him yet. Considering the previous victims, this can’t be more than a coincidence.
     All unnatural levels of haunting in the abandoned School have stopped, and six children have been returned home. The tiger hadn’t been seen again but police have found four more children’s bodies dangling from the ceiling in a janitor’s closet in the part of the building where a terrorist was rumored to have placed a bomb.
     Not all men are meant to be heros, but those that are are willing to Break Into Houses. While hot on the trail of whoever kidnapped whoever, the investigators decided to break into a swanky place in Arden Arcade. Fair enough, but wasn’t there blood at the scene of the crime?
     In other news, the CYS(S) have completed their race, it was a murder mystery that happened in room 212 of the Amber House Inn.
     The freaky Doll Museum just outside of Sacramento is now the place of a double homicide, suicide. The culprit was a Curator Brandon Perkins, who seemed to have shot the doorman Henry Stohl and our very own Father Samael. Much of the doll museum was destroyed in the search and the ceiling was leaking blood.
     There was also a Brass and Wood clockwork Lion that was found in a pile of blood twisted and broken, as well as a very well put together puzzle doll that a team of policemen took six hours to assemble. The Doll was found tucked under the Priest’s arm.
     The last Consilium Gathering at the Rage went well for those of you who attended. I know this is a little late to be talking about it, but the vote on Heralds and Sentinels is coming up so if you haven’t spoken with your cabal representative yet, now would be the time to set up that discussion. If you are not in a cabal you may contact either Jammer, Avalon, or the Head of your Order to get the discussion started.
     Glo entered into the party scene last Thanksgiving has been gaining speed in the recreational drug scene. Some kids are claiming it helps them with homework, some have said they can do better on tests now because of it. Whatever the reason, this highly addictive drug has already driven some to kill over it.
     The Black Outs have been continuing, but they seem to be more spread out, although still concentrated to Parkway-South Sacramento. The murders have switched back to animals, but occasionally people have been claiming to have seen Angels in the midst of the darkness.
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    The SoundingMarch 31st, 2013 at 5:34 AM
     So apparently a Former Sentinel, Mike Tamwood, boasts a body in the Hostel, at least they’re being more heroic about it than the Arrows were. Although they do have Apostates helping them, it sounds like if it was just the Council the Arrows would be as in the dark as they had been kept when it was Rosh on the Circle’s Steps.
     And there is the issue of Jack’s Body too, apparently that one is giving the Mysterium enough run for their money, they had to call in a Guardian. I didn’t expect to see that happen, but something new happens every day.
     Rosh’s Body is still in the Circle’s basement, I hope they do a switch with the body at the Hostel, otherwise they’re both going to rot and just get...horri-terra-bad. Not like the Circle has been introduced to odd smells before though, the blood is sunk so far into the foundation....
     I’m not sure what happened to Qadesh’s Body but I’m assuming it’s being protected somewhere at the Bismarck. At least I hope it is, because after that Fiasco with their Spring...I’m not sure that anyone would go swimming there for a long time. At least it’s a good think to know that the two examining the whole incident have called back up out of his cave.
     Counter to possible intelligence the the House Break In continues, at least now we know it belonged to a Mage...or belongs. Either way it’s almost like it was built like a traditional Sanctum. You know, hard as Fuck to get into. I wonder what it will take to get out,
     I suppose that’s what happens when life gives you options and you decide not to split up. Oh wait, they did that too.
     Just as a reminder, Arden Arcade has been claimed by the Archangel Cabal, they tend to be a little ‘don’t touch my shit’. As at least two of the new mages have found out. I’m sure there are ways to get on their good side. Isn’t that house break in, in Arden Arcade? I wonder if the Archangels will notice that...wait it has two of their prospects doing the breaking. It would be a great moment for a cop.
     Jammer has managed to recruit a small band of unlikely heros to find his Lost Keys. Kind of funny, right? Although apparently they’d rather talk about what to do than doing it. It’s like watching the Government in Action, it’s not like they couldn’t walk or grab a bus. Although I do suppose it’s better than starring at a box and telling it to give up it’s secrets. Thank Gods, these mages aren’t completely insane.
     With the odd interaction at the Doll Museum behind there are a few more Mages looking deeper into last year’s shooting at the Written in Water. Apparently that whole thing spiked around Glo? Who could have guessed. That being said this kid they’re watching over, I don’t like him, he’s apparently good with the imbuing or something...so I guess he has his uses. It all seems like too much effort for not enough payment.
     Glo is still going around, though I suppose the use hasn’t really changed, some club owners have started checking for symptoms, but it seems like it has moved completely from the ‘party’ category to the ‘recreational’ category. That doesn’t exactly kill the hype according to this one kid before he decided to snort a line. Apparently it makes them see things, Hallucinations. And apparently a second type is going to hit the streets soon, it’ll probably boost the sales, they’re calling it Bloo Glo.
     Currently the Black Outs have seemed to stop being so obvious, I really hope those whoever haven’t started murdering in the Daylight, it’s Florin for Gods’ sake, that’s a nice place in town.
     Avalon would like to remind people that the Vote will be presented to the Cabals at the next Consillium Gathering, which should be being hosted by the Mysterium, but they haven’t gotten back on any details. Maybe they’re too wrapped up in the issue with their Late Curator. not that I blame them.
     If anyone has checked the Paper you should know that there is a House Party at the Claire in a few days. It’s open to the Public so keep your magical BS where people can’t see it. We don’t need another Shooting in the middle of Down Town Sac. Especially since we’ll be at the Claire. Entrance fees are $10 at the door, there will be a cash bar.
     There were some Order Meetings, and at least one Path Meeting in the past month or so, I’m glad those all turned out well, though I suppose if anyone else wants to advertise I have the free space up here. Also Happy Easter or if you don't Celebrate Easter: Happy Sunday
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    SkyNetJune 1st, 2013 at 2:46 PM
     This is SkyNet, bringing you all the news that's fit to know about, but not talk about. Don't tell your friends.
     I hope everyone had an enjoyable Memorial day, Mother's day, and all those other wonderful May holidays that also start with M. Expect lines at the hardware store for the impending rush of people who don't understand their fathers but feel like they should buy him something for the 16th.
     Four Seasons Hotel Burned Down - Nice place, apparently a sink hole felt it was in the wrong place. It's a pity - I really wanted to check out the restaurant there. No reports of any of our members being injured, fortunately.
     Investigation of the Shooting at Written in Water continues, though precise details are not forthcoming. One of the investigators may now add 'drugged' to the list of miserable things that have happened to him lately. Maybe the School of Hard Knocks will award him an Honorary Doctorate to hang next to his M.D.
     Apparently it really can be impossible to find Lost Keys sometimes, even with a cadre of your friends helping. I'd offer to give you a ride, but neither of us knows where you're going.
     Mysterious messages and Suspected Missing Persons are warranting the beginning of a new investigation. Who, where, when, and why are still rather vague.
     Ladies and Gentlemen - We will have Heralds, Sentinels even, of the Consilium! We will rise up with fists. I'll make lemon squares.
     Animus has taken on Kiko as an Apprentice. Surely there's more - I've never seen such a cute pair maintain a "professional" relationship. Glad I don't have to deal with the paperwork.
     Obrimos path meeting coming up Saturday. Bring your fire and brimstone.
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    Daily PlanetFebruary 15th, 2014 at 2:46 PM
     Samdei of the Free Council was KIA. We offer sincere condolences to friends and family. Rest in peace, Samdei. You will be dearly missed. But that’s okay because we have a handful of new faces. The Ladder, Umbrey. The newest rockin’ babe of the FC, bad ass attitude included: Snakebite, though she’s likely not going to stay all that long. And of course two new arrows in the quiver: Swan and Gamble.
     Groups of people have been mysteriously disappearing around town. Two of our own have all very recently been kidnapped by certain mysterious key players. Who, can you believe it, aren’t actually awake to the truth. The problem is that, like usual the Free Council had to swipe in and save the day for the two incompetent Arrows who managed to get caught in the process
     Honestly besides the entire public bitch slap from Councilor to Arrow did not go unnoticed, and the sleepers have their own hold somewhere. Maybe we’ll finally have hunters following us around instead of banishers and seers only. Of course, it does put some strain on the security of the society as a whole, Maybe those will come up at the next consillium meeting.
     Speaking of Kidnapping and Banishers, The good doctor has been returned by the hand of one of the more competent Arrows a handful of bookworms and the newest Apostate to Councilor transfer. However, in the process there was yet another one of our own lost. Just know that with every few steps forward in population, we are still taking steps back.
     As a continuation of the Bodies that have just been falling out of the sky, we have found the last one in the cycle, unless of course if they’re intending to drop more than five, and of course one brainiac is just playing with the murder weapons. However much they will hurt him, maybe he’ll find something else. Was the whole plot just a scheme to piss us off, or was it some sort of ritual? The world may never know....
     Any one else notice that people have been coming down with some serious ails lately? Luckily for them, there appears to be a new techne Powered Pill out on pharmacy shelves now. Who's making it? What exactly is it? And more importantly does it have any connection with Glo?
     Animus may have taken Kiko on as an apprentice but as the wolf is traveling in Sacramento that’s gotta stir up some sort of issue.
     Finally!! Febuary 19th at 8pm the Consilium will be in session once more at the Byzantine at the host of Reverb and the Free Councilors! Come wine, dine, and rub elbows with the best and brightest of our awakened community. You can bet I'll be there to cover events.
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    Free Council

    Temoins du Sud, Doorwarden

    Free Council


    There is a surge of bands playing Sacramento. Written into the borders of the cheap posters and pamphlets are signs that only the Awakened can read. This time they don't spell out a place for a meeting, but instead catalogue the deeds and doings of the Consilium.

    The fallout from Formall Consilium continues in the Acanthus, Moros, Mastigos and Thyrsus Path meetings.

    In [Herald] threads, there is a glimpse of the past where Herald Zodiac recognises newcomers Level and Pryde as members of the River City Consilium. In keeping with this theme, Einstein provides the first point of contact for Arthur over drinks at the Nox Populi night club; see [Nox] Bourbon, Side of Fun.

    Weavebreaker continues her program of introductory chats in Cabal Up II, creating a space for mages to discuss the building and maintenance of Cabals in the city.

    In [Ivory Tower] the River City Consilium continues to move against the Banisher strong hold embedded in Sac-State University. Panthera Nox hunt Banisher's and their supporters in The Winter Gala. Meanwhile, in Blind Date, Asp plugs a previously identified mark for information; outside, the remaining elements of the Veiled Threats cabal monitor her progress and discuss current events to pass the time in Super Mega Tactical Van.

    [For Justine] continues the tale of Mace and her ad hoc crew as they struggle to bring peace to a ghost.

    In [Sink or Swim] Star and Zodiac discuss Legacy and Order while making an inventory of a possible Grimoire.

    A group of mages close in on their nemesis, Nero in [Get Lucky]...

    ...while in [Something Borrowed] the Veiled Threats cabal close in on thieves who violated their Sanctum.

    On a dark and foggy night, three mages of the River City find their fates drawn together by machinations of a strange cult of the Supernally Aware in [Lambs to the Slaughter].

    The Temoins Du Sud cabal gather to plot a response to an artist whose paintings implicate them and their activities. Is the artist making an invitation or is she bait for a cunning trap? See [Dark Wings] for more.

    [Rogue Transmission]: Rum Ane Rum Ane Haw Haw. Rum Ane Rum Ane Haw Haw! Rum Ane Rum Ane Haw Haw!

    This is an OOC recap of the main plot threads, as of 15/02/2015.

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    As per his promise at Concilium Emrys had to publish his findings regarding the Abyssal radio and his meeting with the Mysterium. The following typed letter is personally delivered to the Sigil Holders and the Museum for the Mysterium's personal collection.

    OOC note, Steel Phoenix does not have a sigil holder marked on the wiki so Emrys doesn't know where to send their copy of the report and therefore doesn't. I am however tagging because the info will get to them at Consilium.

    The Tentacle Transmission
    By Myrddin Emrys

    Threat level: Low
    Status: Contained
    Mages involved: Emrys, Faye, Striker

    On October 6, 2015 a series of unusual events was noticed in Southern Sacramento. Strange graffiti, new and unexplained cellphone dead zones, and several other incidents spurred an investigation by the local Concilium.

    Three mages went to investigate starting with the graffiti, which read 'Rum Ane Rum Ane Haw Haw'. Finding the writing odd I scrutinized it for the qualities of it's resonance. Superficially the qualities of Family and Conservatism matched that of the suburban area the vandalism took place in, but closer examination revealed an underlying Nihilism and Emptiness.

    After a conversation with a local tech company (Direct Digital Technologies)we agreed to act as private contractors investigating the cellular dead zones that had been popping up. We started by investigating the giant ugly radio rig of Harry Smith. Immediately after he answered the door we noticed his poor health, and after a quick glance with Life Striker was able to determine that some unnatural force was slowly draining his health. Striker then used his knowledge of Forces to read the signal from the rig, which then proceeded to try and interact directly with him and claimed it was 'hungry'.

    After some time we were able to get into the shed the rig was built out of and analyze the rig and signal. The description I gave of a tentacle monster is based on a divination in which I saw the thing trying to communicate via radio waves. Divination also revealed that the creature was anchored to a radio at the base of the rig, which was swiftly dismantled by Striker.

    We know between divination and Mr Smith's journals that the creature only interacted through its alien transmission. Health concerns for Mr Smith could be noted in his ramblings within the journals as chasing the Abyssal Monster seemed to slowly drain his sanity and focus. It's influence, while undeniably sinister, was slow acting over a period of at least years. The initial experiments were started in the time of WW II, pictures of which are scattered through the early volumes.

    Smiths father and him seemed to have lived in Sacramento with the beast and their slowly deteriorating sanity for decades before the creature built up the strength to influence the world more directly. Even then, it's influence can be reversed entirely by destroying the anchor. For these reasons I'm classifying it as a low threat and a contained one. The journals are originals and in my possession, and anyone who fears this creatures reemergence is free to read all but the beast's initial binding in the first volumes. However, I feel this is not a concern we need to worry about. It's influence is reversed and it's binding ritual a secret.

    If there are any concerns please feel free to contact me at XXX-XXX-XXXX. Copies of this report will be available at the next consilium and again, anyone wishing to peruse the volumes are welcome to do so with the exception of the possible binding rituals.

    P.S.- Fuck Direct Digital Technologies. We did contract work for them and cleared up their stupid little dead zones and I still haven't gotten paid. No stars, do not recommend, fuck those guys.

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    Magical Chinchilla


    Status changes for September 2016:

    Avis rose to 4
    Brother Rat Status rose/remains 1
    Campanella Status rose/remains 1
    Faye rose to 2
    Fisher rose to 2
    Star rose to 4
    Truce rose to 3
    Varyx rose to 2
    Wayland rose raises to 2

    Remember to change your minisheets!
    Don't hate the player, hate the game.
    The Zeroth Law & the Burden of InteractionThe Devil is in the DotsGreat ExpectationsPlaying MagePlayer Run Plots
    If you have a question about your character, please post it on your character sheet

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