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Elysium, Laws, and Information (Read)

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    Laws of the Domain

    What is the difference between a 'formal' Court and an 'Eternal' Court?

    A formal Court is an announced gathering, usually quarterly (every three months). Generally, the Court officials should all be in attendance. Failure to attend results in loss of Acknowledgment (see Laws of the Domain, above). Formal Courts can only be entered the first week that they are open unless explicit permission is obtained from a Vampire Storyteller. Since it is an event proper, the doors 'close' to new arrivals.

    An Eternal Court is an unofficial gathering. It's the coming and going of Kindred throughout the Domain into and out of Elysium, compressed into a single snapshot. It's a random night, and attendance is not required. Eternal Courts can be entered at any time throughout the month. The doors never close, except that one cannot exit and re-enter.

    When do Courts 'happen', in Continuity?

    I'll try to Sticky the threads, but sometimes I forget. Regardless, they should be considered Sticky, and that means that they enter continuity on the day the thread opens.

    Can a character leave and re-enter Court?

    No. Although this may not be an accurate depiction of Kindred moving in an out of Elysium, it helps us keep continuity sorted. This means characters cannot leave, obtain information/scene/etc. and then re-enter with that information. This, coupled with the Sticky nature of the Scene, keep everyone on an even playing field on the grand stage of the Danse Macabre.

    Can characters have private conversations? Can they go into private rooms?

    No. Court is a public stage. If you want a private conversation, it should be in a private Scene. Everyone is watching, and eavesdropping. It's what makes Court... Court. If you want to try to whisper, or some other means of keeping something on the down low, then it should be narrated and accompanied by a Subterfuge roll (which can and probably will be Contested by others). You cannot narrate going into a different room/behind a closed door.

    This is only for surreptitious information transfer. You don't have to roll to lie, unless another person rolls to see if you're lying. Because Vampire. It's assumed everyone is lying all the time

    Is the first character to post the first and only character in Elysium?

    No. To simulate the fluid nature, consider there to be others present. Obviously you won't be able to interact with them -- yet -- but they're there. This also means someone can post into Court and 'overhear' a prior post.

    Entry posts are your character's first impression. Have fun with them, take time. And remember Predators Taint.

    What information is available in Elysium?

    Consider the Laws of the Domain to be accessible, as well as Who's Who. Maybe they're snippets overheard, or listed on a billboard -- it doesn't matter. Just know that characters can 'absorb' this information freely.

    The Cacophony is also available. You don't have to interact with a character directly to know what they've said Publicly about someone.

    Often times, gatherings will also be 'posted' in Elysium, as well as other items of note and news. Please remember that it is incredibly inappropriate to 'billboard' information in Elysia unless you are the Prince, Seneschal, Harpy, or a Keeper for Court or Domain business -or- a Priscus or Covenant leader for Clan or Covenant business.

    Can I sneak [weapon/item] into Elysium?
    You can try, in a separate Scene. To keep the game flowing and not be bogged down by individual pat-downs, it's assumed weapons and such (Nox clearly states it has a metal detector) are surrendered upon entry. The only exceptions are Court officers. Entering an Elysium thread assumes the character has done so. If the character wishes to attempt to bypass these measure, it needs to be role-played and the appropriate rolls made. As a courtesy, we assume the restrictions are adhered to; we do not assume that they are ignored and successfully bypassed.
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