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The Spiral III

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    Derevko watched the two women arrive, his scarred eyebrow twitching up in surprise. Mostly at the latter one; the build of the first said that she could probably take fucking care of herself if she needed to, but the second one looked like a pretty average sort of businesswoman type to him, and he figured it was pretty weird that they were showing up at a dive bar like this.

    Maybe they were there for the orgy he wasn't invited to. He was half-expecting a midget and a guy in a leotard to show up next, and immediately head for the bathroom, of course.

    Fucking weird bars.

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    Forn Clakes's Avatar

    Sarah wasn't really paying much attention to the comings-and-goings of the bar's other patrons, instead rather grateful to strike up a conversation with someone that didn't look at all crazy, a trait that seemed rarer and rarer these days.

    "Nice to meet you, Harlowe," Sarah replied, still not touching the beer, and asked, "Are you a local around here?"

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    Harlowe too, at least appeared to be focusing on what was ahead of her rather than behind; although her posture was still tense. She was trying to be a civilian, to sit and chill without wondering what the Hell was going to pop up next.

    She lifted the bottle halfway to her mouth, tilting it slightly in a gesture of agreement to the meet 'n' greet. The response did bring a small chuckle though. "Not in the slightest. If you were going to ask where the best hot spots are, I'm not the right person to ask," Harlowe replied, with the faintest trace of amusement.

    "What about you?" Harlowe asked, as she swivelled in the bar stool. She studied the other woman for a few seconds, before her gaze scrutinised the bar from her new vantage point.

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    Lexi started as the door flew open, and shot Daysha a look. "So the meeting in the Ladies Room is over, huh? Thanks so much for choosing to barricade yourselves in the bathroom, instead of going outside, or to a car, to chat. I mean, what, are you two sharing government secrets? Just let me in, I'll be out in a sec" she threw out, trying to slide past Daysha, purse clutched tightly in one hand.

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    Rory Gordon
    Rory Gordon

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    There are men that dream about being locked in a small room with two women; there are even some that have done it, and are even comfortable with the reality.

    Then there are those that grew up in boys' homes and eventually became priests.

    Even worse was when one of the women was berating him for doing something he already felt uncomfortable about -- being there.

    As if surrendering to the indictment, he unfolded his arms, holding his hands up defensively and moving forward to leave just as @Alexis Kane slid past @Daysha Jackson . In slow motion and unable to stop his momentum he bumped into the woman, planting his open hands solidly on her chest before whipping them back as if they'd been burnt.

    A red flush spread across his face, and his features flickered through chagrin and panic; his mouth worked silently, years of training preventing him from producing an epithet that the situation demanded .

    Finally, he swallowed, looking anywhere but at Lexi.

    "I'm sorry."

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    Daysha Jackson

    “Lexi, when my mother dies, you can tell me what to do….oh what the…” As she had started to answer Lexi she too saw the montage of events playing in her head.

    Daysha’s jaw dropped as she saw Rory Gordon accidentally grope Alexis Kane . “Holy….” She stopped herself and cupped her mouth as she tried not to laugh at the funniest thing she saw in a long time.

    Wow, nice job Father you really know how to play…. Oh, shit he really is embarrassed. Seeing the good ol' Irish skin tell the tale of emotions.

    *Snerk* Daysha’s hand was still cupped over her mouth.

    “Man” Snerk. “To think I almost stayed home tonight.” Snerk. “You guys...” Snerk, still playing the events in her head. “Gonna be ok.” Snerk, snerk. Then she gave into the laughter. Releasing the tension felt good.

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    Derevko's eyes flickered towards the bathroom door, with the moment. He saw Gordon's hands come down on Lexi, and before he knew it, his mouth quirked into a sharp smirk. Oh, God, that was messed up. He lit a fresh cigarette and slid from behind the table. Apparently, there was an orgy, and he really wasn't invited. Well, to Hell with that.

    He thought absently of Grace, the last time he'd seen her, on that stained and cheapass motel bed. He shook his head. Spreading the bitterness was kind of a thing he had, and he strolled over.

    "Well, Hell, if I'd known I was stopping your little threesome, I'd have said goodnight earlier," he drawled, blowing out smoke. "Having fun?"

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    Sarah was about to answer Harlowe when she heard the laughter erupt from by the ladies restroom, and turned to have a look wondering what was going on. Seeing the situation, Sarah simply put it down to a couple of couples on a night out and having one too many drinks. She turned back to Harlowe, raising an eyebrow and smirking. "Well, looks like someone's enjoying themselves," she said before addressing the question. "Yes, born and raised here actually. I work up at California State Prison as a psychologist. As you can imagine, it gets very busy," she added with a chuckle.

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    Harlowe didn't initially take much notice of the small commotion behind her; but at Sarah's comment, she turned to see manner of "fun" was being talked about. "Right place for it," she offered, before glancing back at the other woman.

    At least she was a local then. The last thing Harlowe needed or wanted was a damned tourist, yakking continuously as though she gave a crap what entertainment was on offer in the city... her initial bus journey to Sacramento had not been nice, quiet and relaxing.

    God, if she ever saw that fucking tourist again, something was going to get broken.

    "An interesting job, I bet," Harlowe agreed. For all her disagreement with her own former shrink, Harlowe wasn't stupid enough get pissed off at every psychologist.

    "I'm...retired, myself," she added. "I just moved here. I've heard...good things." Perfect. Perhaps I can talk about the weather next, or the shade of dirt. It's been too long since I had a normal conversation.

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    And it begins, Sarah can't help but think, doubting herself. It was a curse of the job, asking questions. Its what she does but if she kept firing an endless stream of questions, people tend to think she's trying to get them on her couch.

    Which was bullcrap. Sarah was just being friendly.

    "Retired, really? Sorry, I would never have guessed."

    And now it sounds like I'm hitting on her.

    "Mind if I ask what you did before retiring?"

    Yep, another question.

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