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Eternal Seasons & Coronation Threads

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    Sacramento Freehold

    Some Freeholds hide in plain sight, while others hide so well that new arrivals need an invitation and direction to even catch a hint of just where the Lost's stronghold resides. The Freehold of Sacramento is of the former, and are operating an amusement park (Funderland). A self contained space, a fortress for the Lost, but one where mortals come spend their money, and offer up something more precious; Glamour. The park is divided along the lines of the Seasonal Courts, each having their own ride or featured building, so the Glamour is spiced in the layers of the four cardinal emotions. Much like the world - the Hedge - beside the mundane one, there is a world beneath the park -- prohibition era tunnels, passages and even rooms.
    • Find specifics about the areas/features of each Court on the Funderland wiki page.

    To provide structure and to reassure the Lost who remain, and to the Lost who come to Sacramento it was decided that something needed to change. Three new roles were created: the Activities Director, the Notary, and the Groundskeeper. The Notary records and observes all the Pledges made within the Freehold, and the Groundskeeper patrols the Borders, protecting the Freehold, and enforces the Laws.
    • Find specifics about the roles and the rules that govern them on the Freehold wiki page.

    Eternal Seasons

    What Are Eternal Seasons Threads?

    The Eternal Seasons threads are •STICKY• threads that represent a random day at one of the freehold commons. Changeling's can always come and go as they please in order to socialize with other members of the freehold, bring news and updates to the correct people, etc.

    How does it work?

    The main •STICKY• thread is the Court proper, where people circulate, say brief greetings, and do everything except have a conversation.

    Once a conversation begins with other character(s), a new thread should be opened, using the involved character names as the title. Once that conversation ends, the thread should be closed. As a rule of thumb, if you are posting more than once to interact with another character, you should start a separate conversation thread. Basically the goal is to break conversations out of the main thread. If this is confusing or you have a situational question, please feel free to ask.

    What sort of events are Eternal Seasons Threads?

    Eternal seasons threads are run by players and are just a generic day at one of the Seasonal attractions or park at large and while attendance may be encouraged is not mandatory.

    Players and courtiers can run these social gatherings. They can be anything from the Winter Market, a wedding, a funeral (If someone dies), a business launch party, new Motley Pledging before witnesses, to a themed seasonal party. These scenes are not for private court meetings, which are held as a Hollow scene in the Lost subforum.

    Coronation Threads

    • Coronation threads are held when a new seasonal monarch is crowned for the first time on the appropriate solstice or equinox. They are a combination of a ceremony and party to celebrate the changing of a season and the changes decreed by the newly appointed sovereign. The season that is receiving the crown always plans the party.

    • To help keep threads moving, there will be a deadline of one month for Coronation threads. Your characters will be expected to finish their conversations by the deadline or continue them in a private Lost scene. Due to the additional security imposed by the crowning of a new monarch, it will be assumed that the doors are locked for the ceremony. Anyone entering the thread will enter before or after the crown has passed. The doors are unlocked after the ceremony for changeling to enter and leave again. The most dangerous time at a Coronation is when the crown leaves one sovereigns head and has not yet been placed on the next persons.

    If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask.
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