The blond girl tapped the number 2 pencil against the sketchbook, examining the Catholic Church across the street. Specifically the beautiful stained glass window that faced out to the world, carefully made by some of the most talented craftsmen of Europe four decades ago and shipped to Sacramento by one Christian DeCosta. Sarah remembers her sire's pride in adoring the the Church which bore the name of his favorite Saint, Ignatius of Loyola. It had cost him a great deal of money but he had claimed that every cent was worth it.

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The pencil touched the paper and the image just began to take form. The image on the glass was based on the Rubens painting of the Jesuit founder, a replica as close to it's original as the medium would allow. Tonight she was just in the grove, finding inspiration from the clear night, the memories, inspiration that focused on the pencil meeting the page, the lines and details forming.

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Rubens had always been one of her favorites, his expressive and sensual style had appealed to her even before the embrace. He had been a favorite of Christian also, a discussion of his work had once stopped one of their fights in mid-insult. A hint of a smile at the memory. A larger smile at how well the sketch was coming, the details filling in as she neared an hour of work.

One hour, two minutes and 14 seconds after she had begun, the blond artist initialed the bottom right hand corner of the page and took leave of the park bench she had been sitting on. Gracefully Sarah made her way across the street, entering the almost empty church and moving her eye over the Kine inside. An older woman and two younger men praying, each apart and alone as they knelt and spoke to God. An old priest, siting back in one of the pews, a young priest entering the confessional booth.

A smile formed at the scene as she sat in the back pew, not far away from the old priest. Sarah had always wondered about the Stain Glass gift to the Church, Christian had made sure that she understood the difference between the religion of the Kine and that of the Damned. At the time she had simply assumed it was a love of the artist and the name of the Church that sparked his interest. However as she had grown older this one small gestures had stay with her and as she had watch the Danse, she realized that there might be something more to the gesture.

"Are you waiting on Confession my daughter?" The Old Priest had turned to her.

"Oh no. Sorry Father I just say the Stained Glass window outside and well it is rather beautiful."

"It was a gift. Donated over 40 years ago by a Spanish gentleman in honor of his daughter Sarah ..."

The Priest keeps talking but the Daeva is a little too shocked by the revelation to pay too much attention. A polite nod and a smile, a couple of pleasantries get her through the conversation, which ends when the older woman approaches and asks to speak with the good father. Sarah wishes him good night and makes her own exit from the Church.

She gets half a block away when she hears a voice behind her.

"Hey, so aren't Catholic School girls suppose to wear a skirt?" One of the two young men from the Church.

"Only when we're wearing underwear." She says with a smerk to the kid, about 20 and probably from one of the local colleges. He is rendered rather speechless by the remark but he has some guts to approach her like that and he's kinda cute. Also blushing. "Come on, I'll give you something for your next confession."

He would make a decent snack and maybe she could teach him a thing or two for the next repressed Catholic school girl he was with. After all there was a special place in her heart for all the repressed Catholic school girls out there. After all she'd been one once and the vitae would allow her to concentrate on what the Stained Glass "gift" meant. It was vague but it was a start.