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Edge of Darkness FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Play Style Icons

Play Style Icons
Play Style Icons are selected at Registration and then displayed on each post and the profile pages to help us understand one another. You can change them at any time (and for each character) but they should give a general representation of how each of us is playing and what we're looking for. That way it's easier to find like-minded players and manage our expectations.
Posting Speed / Frequency
CasualExpect this person to post once or twice a week.
AverageExpect this person to post two or three times a week/every other day.
HardcoreExpect this person to post daily, or close to it.
ActorIn it to get in character, whatever that may take. Concept dictates play.
AssholeIn it because everyone needs a Devil's Advocate. The status quo needs shaking up, and nobody is off limits.
CultivatorLikes to assemble a collection of powers or Merits, or such. Loves XP, buy from a list already made, and also might enjoy world-building and owning establishments.
FixerLikes to solve problems and slay dragons. A plot bunny.
SocialiteIn it for the dialog and meeting people. Nothing's better than a good conversation.
SingleAvoids romantic involvements with characters.
OpenIt all depends on the character(s) and chemistry.
SeekingPrefers a close partner to role-play with.
Can't We All Just Get AlongAvoids drama and dislikes bickering. Drama for the sake of drama isn't a thing.
I Won't WiltWon't start it, but won't back down when it does start.
Me And MineAnyone that isn't in their close circle is fair game.
Honey BadgerWill pick a fight with their own reflection for fun.
DicelessPrefer pure narration and social scenes.
Dice Are Part of the GameDoesn't mind rolling dice when it's called for, but not looking for opportunities.
Roll EverythingHas dice pools that need opportunities to be rolled.
Risk AdverseIs here to role-play, not roll-play. Will probably stick to social scenes and dislikes PvP.
UnavoidableIt's a game, and it can happen. Won't avoid plots just to stay safe, but probably wants to know and opt in to danger rather than be surprised.
Storm The CastleIt's not a game if there isn't a fight, and no fun if there's no danger. Will probably chase plots and is open to PvP. No bubble-wrap around these characters.
Explicit / Erotic / Smut
Prefer Not To SayPrefers not to advertise preference, or just can't bring themselves to admit they'd be interested.
Fade to BlackThis person doesn't care to get into the details; Fade to Black, Scene Ends.
My Place Or YoursEnjoys erotica and is happy to discuss a smutty Scene done over Private Messages or in a Private Social Group where no one else will be bothered.
LimitedMay be intrigued, curious, or cautious about the idea of writing explicit Scenes -- or just not looking for it, but not adverse to the idea. A lot would probably depend on character chemistry and player comfort.

Power Icons

Power Icons
Icons are included in the forum posting area (first picture) to represent when Willpower and Fuel (Glamour, Mana, Vitae) are spent. A text field is provided for an explanation (power activation, etc). You can see in the second picture that they are then added to the post itself. The icons at the top, and the explanation at the bottom (the Explanation has since been moved to the top with the Icons).
Resilience, Vigor
This immediately lets a Storyteller know that something was spent, and will also show in the Tracker.
* Note that only one icon can be used per post. Therefore, if an icon doesn't exist to represent everything spent, a second post will need to reflect the second expenditure.
* The Explanation field is cleared when you Preview a post -- remember to complete it, if necessary.
* Power Icons are not available on the first post of a thread.
* Usage of Power Icons and Tracker is how Scenes and Expenditures are tracked on Edge of Darkness, and mandatory.

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